Autism recovered?

Medical experts say it's not possible to recover autism. We have living proof in the form of three children, that it IS possible. In my blog you will find recovery stories, along with information regarding health that I have learned over the years. And sometimes just snippets of life to give hope that yes, life can be normal after the hard work is done.

Sit back, enjoy, and be hopeful! RECOVERY HAPPENS!

**Kids names have been changed to protect the innocent and naughty alike. ;)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crafty little snowflake

We got the idea from this fellow homeschooling mom's blog. Her daughter appears to be a snowflake creating genius. Both Tony and I loved the uniqueness and thanks to her fabulous instructions, he made one. He was going to make more but somehow got distracted (shockingly lol) so this may be the only one... or he may get a wild hair to do more... who knows?! It was very fun to create. I hope he makes more b/c it's truly beautiful. :)

Thank you Jilly and Autry!


  1. So Pretty. I need to try this myself, I can't wait for the kiddos to do it.

  2. Oh I love it. I'll have to have my kids try this.

  3. It's beautiful! I think we are going to have to try to make a multi-colored one!

  4. I loved your snowflake! Glad my directions helped. I especially like the multiple colors!

  5. this is cool. I am going to show my 9 yo. I think she'd love making it.



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