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Medical experts say it's not possible to recover autism. We have living proof in the form of three children, that it IS possible. In my blog you will find recovery stories, along with information regarding health that I have learned over the years. And sometimes just snippets of life to give hope that yes, life can be normal after the hard work is done.

Sit back, enjoy, and be hopeful! RECOVERY HAPPENS!

**Kids names have been changed to protect the innocent and naughty alike. ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Beauty in the silence

Tonight... or is it this morning... is the lunar eclipse. I have never seen one before and although I was not planning to wake up at 2:30 in the morning for it, I was still working in the kitchen at that time so I was already up. I tried peeking out the window but couldn't see it clearly as there were trees in the way. So I went outside to see it.




Those paltry words don't even do it justice.

I just stood there, blowing smoke out my nose (hey, it's freezing out there!) and had time to really be still. I don't think I've heard that kind of silence in years.

The ground is covered in frost making it look like diamonds sprinkled everywhere. Everything is silent and still. A little red fox went running across my neighbors yard. I look up and see a shooting star. Diamonds... diamonds everywhere in the sky. Constellations I haven't seen in years shining brightly in the darkness. So many stars I can't possibly count them all.

And I am struck by the majesty of it all.

God is big and I am small.

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  1. I love those still and quiet moments when God gives us a glimpse of Himself. Nothing else compares. Thanks for sharing your special moment.



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