Autism recovered?

Medical experts say it's not possible to recover autism. We have living proof in the form of three children, that it IS possible. In my blog you will find recovery stories, along with information regarding health that I have learned over the years. And sometimes just snippets of life to give hope that yes, life can be normal after the hard work is done.

Sit back, enjoy, and be hopeful! RECOVERY HAPPENS!

**Kids names have been changed to protect the innocent and naughty alike. ;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flat tires and God's provision

This morning I woke up feeling yucky. Daddy volunteered to take the kids to church without me. We packed their lunches and snacks, got everyone ready and into the van. That's when he noticed the very flat tire on our van. So we unpacked everyone and everything and he took the tire off to Walmart. It was actually a fairly new tire and it still had a warranty so it wasn't costly, just bad timing really.

As Grace was watching Daddy take the tire off, she got all teary eyed and asked if he could just do something else to make it ok to get to church on time. She loves Jesus and church is a natural extent of that love. I spent some time explaining that God was in charge of the tire and He let it go flat for a reason. So we came up with a list of reasons He would have let us miss church.... perhaps a food would be there that the kids would react to smelling, perhaps there was an accident that we were missing, maybe we were just supposed to spend a relaxing day together, any number of things were tossed into the scenarios. She felt better after being reminded of God's sovereignty and knowing there was some divine reason we had to miss church.

At bedtime tonight, she was saying her prayers and it went something like this: "Dear Jesus, thank you for taking care of us and protecting us from whatever might have happened today. Please next time, don't make us miss church." LOL She's so cute!!!



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