Autism recovered?

Medical experts say it's not possible to recover autism. We have living proof in the form of three children, that it IS possible. In my blog you will find recovery stories, along with information regarding health that I have learned over the years. And sometimes just snippets of life to give hope that yes, life can be normal after the hard work is done.

Sit back, enjoy, and be hopeful! RECOVERY HAPPENS!

**Kids names have been changed to protect the innocent and naughty alike. ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Can we call it shop class...

...if all they're doing is tearing it apart?  LOL   I called is shop, DH said kids learn how to put things back together in shop.  Regardless, I thought it was adorable that they didn't even take time to change out of their swimsuits before digging into the guts of these broken radios.  :)


  1. Ooh! That looks like fun, if only I knew what I was doing! haa haa! Dad could put those things back together again without even trying. ;)

  2. LOL Kayla! I have no idea how to put them together again either. Hubby said he would have helped them put them back together except they cut wires in many places before he realized it. HA! Maybe next time...



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