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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vacation Bible School

So I told you last week that I would report on our VBS experience and here it is.

When we were told about VBS for this year, it was in a group session with a bunch of parents.  The pastor had told me to come and just listen.  He mentioned food and told me we could just avoid it.  I think he forgot we can't touch or smell it either so I just decided it was no biggie and we would skip.  The kids didn't know I was even considering it so they had already put it out of their minds knowing it would be a food-laden occasion.

BUT a few weeks later, it was brought up again and this time I was asked point blank if we were coming; so I mentioned that the food situation would be dangerous and thank you but no.  Well next thing I know, I'm getting calls from people who want to discuss the menu and some posts on FB telling me they really want us to come and they'll work it out.


I will be honest here and tell you I didn't really have a lot of hope.  Not that people can't do what's necessary but really, it's a heap of children and when you have to feed a heap of children, cheap food is necessary and cheap food contains dairy and nuts.  It's just the way it is and we get that.  But one lovely lady in the church was put in charge of the food and she WANTED my kids to come.  She called a few times and discussed way to keep the kids safe.  We decided that since meals were first, they would eat and we would just come after.  They also ate outside when possible.  I mentioned that we would just skip the pb&j night b/c of the likelihood of Grace being able to smell the peanuts.  Next thing I know almond butter had replaced the peanut butter!  The person who did the food never talked to me face to face about it; we communicated via FB and phone so she couldn't see my face.  I wish she could have.  :)  Every change she made just floored me.  Not b/c she made them but b/c she cared enough about my kids to say (by her action) "Your kids are more important than peanut butter".

This is one thing I think only those with extreme allergies can understand - when others change a food item or avoid wearing perfume or do something out of the norm for them just for you - it is life shaking b/c it really and truly means WE are more important to them than whatever item they just changed for our safety. 

So Daddyman and I decided we would absolutely do VBS... they were making garganutan efforts, we would put aside our fear and do the same.  They agreed to have every child wipe their hands after eating (we provided safe hand wipes) and even explained why it was important.  That was really key as a child who thinks they are supposed to "wipe up" after a meal will miss almost all the food on their hands, but a child who knows that wiping those crumbs off their hands is a life and death issue for another child, will do a good job.  :)

We got together our battle plan... our babysitter extraordinaire volunteered to teach in Kate's class so she could watch her for reactions.  She also knows how to administer an epipen.  Kate wore her epi's on her belt loop so they were easy to find if needed.  Daddyman and I split up between the big kids; each of us carrying a set of epipens everywhere so the kids had freedom of movement while we watched for reactions.  

One night, lessons included a pizza.  The smell of pizza was supposed to be in the building.  When the food coordinator told me this, I mentioned that b/c Kate can't smell pizza without having breathing problems, it would be a "skip it" night, she immediately called the teacher and they made other arrangements so the pizza would be in the room, out of reach of the children, and cooked away from the building so the smell wouldn't be in there.  THEN when the lesson was over, Grace was concerned b/c the teacher had actually touched the pizza, so she asked Daddyman to give the teacher a wipe.  Not only did the teacher gladly wipe up but when given the wipe said "Well, give me TWO!" with a gracious smile.  What a precious heart to make it so crystal clear to my nervous child that he would make her safe.  :)

Another night they started tossing out candy to the children who memorized their verses.  After reading the candy label I immediately started collecting my bag and children and told DH it was time to go (copious dairy and nuts in the candy).  The pastor immediately told me to stop and he would take the candy from the child who had already received it.  I told him "you can't take candy from a kid!" but he insisted.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I was nearly in tears, first  because I was upset that the kids had to leave over candy and then b/c of the graciousness of the pastor in removing the candy from the room.  He decided to give the candy on the last night at the end so we could participate in the entire thing.

It was absolutely fabulous.  :)  The kids enjoyed their time there so much; I cannot even describe it adequately.  They learned about being salt and light to the world, they learned about hungering and thirsting after Jesus, and most importantly they saw the love of Christ in action.  Actions speak louder than words and that week, they were shouting.

Thank you to my wonderful church and the staff who worked so hard to make VBS possible for us!!!

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  1. I am so glad you had this opportunity !!! That people cared enough to adjust and make changes for your children.... love ya girlie !!!



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